Our customers are located throughout Amador and surrounding counties. They range from long time farmers to newcomers with emerging passions for wines and vineyards. Regardless of different experiences, tastes, and preferences, our customers all share a common desire to enrich their properties with beautifully landscaped estate vineyards. Twin Rivers welcomes all levels of customer involvement and is eager to help train and educate growers and winemakers. 

Our Services Include:

Soil Samples

We do an intricate lab analysis to make sure that your soil is optimal for prosperous wine growth by checking for viruses and nutrient deficiencies.

Petiole Samples

We take a sample of the Petiole from your vines and test it to see if it has any threatening virus or nutrient deficiencies.

Vineyard Development

Twin Rivers creates designs and specifications that take the following parameters into consideration:



-Sun exposure

-Maximizing row length, crop yield, and quality

-Existing drainage

-Management efficiency

-Transcribe vineyard specs onto proposed site to ensure accuracy and efficient installation

-Trellis Installation

-Irrigation System Installation


Twin Rivers can create a custom irrigation plan with installation for all of your soil needs.


Twin Rivers offers home and vineyard landscaping services. From picking weeds in the vineyard to trimming hedges, we do whatever is needed to keeping your property looking pristine


Twin Rivers offer consultation on pest/disease control and nutrition for vineyard health.

Vineyard Mapping

Twin Rivers can create a high resolution map of your vineyard. Separating blocks and including information such as: acreage, varietal, spacing, and # of plants.

Other Services

If one of the services you need is not listed here, shoot someone on our team an email and we will try to assist you in whatever you need to get done.

Let us know what you need

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